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2000 Dodge Durango Driver Seat Loose

Dodge Durango Driver Seat

While driving the vehicle on the interstate, I applied the brakes and the front seat shifted forward. It just slides in or out either side.

Several Durango owners have reported symptoms of the seat rocking back and forth. We figured we could still use the Durango instead of buying a mini van. The information below is from his posts on the Durango Owners Club forum and has been reformatted and used with his permission. Driver side seat when stopping will slide forward and jolt. Causing driver to hit brakes hard and then release.

Not what you are looking for? This will come into play later in the fix.

The bracket assembly gets in the way of the torx bolts, so we used a battery from a cordless drill and ran wires to the electric motor to move the bracket around and clear the torx bolts. Replace Front and Axle Seals. They are actually bolted to the aluminum peice you will fix later on. Note that the special nut inside the aluminum part has an angled side and a flat side. So how do you find out what problems are occurring?

That way my work gear is basically screwed out all the way. Only do one side at a time, as it is easier to keep everything in alignment that way. This gap is what causes your seat to slide back and forth, the affect of a rocking chair. This part will only fit the makes and models with the options shown above.

NHTSA Seats ProblemsDodge Durango Driver Seat Fix

Inside of the aluminum piece there is supposed to be a filler possibly made of rubber, which is affected by the grease and disintegrates over time. But once it is fixed, you will love not having to put up with the seat sliding back and forth.

This grommet deteriorates over time and becomes a sludgy mess with the grease. It became evident to us on a recent car trip that the rear bench seat does not lock into position. The red arrows show where the new adjustment point is. With the worm gear screwed back in place. The electric seat assembly has two metal rods running from left to right.

No labor warranty is provided. Beware, models that use side-curtain airbags may need additional steps to avoid deploying the airbag.

Once you look at it and the space you have you will see what I am talking about. You can look through the slots and holes in the track to see more. Finger was severed while trying to fold seat to move. So when you feel the worm gear assembly hitting on something, it is these rivets.

From what I have read on the internet, asrock n68-s3 ucc drivers lan this problem is common with the Dodge Durango and is caused by loose track rails attached underneath the driver's seat. Viking Dodge of crystal lake simply said that if it was in the owners manual it must be true.

This fix took me one and half hours total and that included taking pics for this write up. The square end of the cable slides into the above end and that is what turns the worm gears. This is the package that the Nylon Washers come in. While replacing the most recent track the consumer noticed that the seat frame was fractured in two area. Given this information I feel that anyone who rides in that bench seat is at risk for serious injury.

2000 dodge durango driver seat loose

The aluminum piece catches them and has to be slide past them both removing it and replacing it. Have not replaced any parts yet but when I do replace I will save old part.

The one on the left has been drilled. Because of the lack of the filler between the nut and the interior of the aluminum casing, there is gap which allows the seat to move back and forward like a rocking chair. The consumer replaced the tracks himself.

DODGE DURANGO Problems - 2000 DODGE DURANGO Seats Problems

Corvette Bent Wheels Lawsuit. Pending an accident I could see this causing problems such as whiplash since the seat is not securely mounted. Dealer says entire seat needs to be replaced. This has already happened to my drivers chair and the part to fix it is not available. It feels like it moves an inch or so.

We will do our best to leave you fully satisfied. Research shows this to be a very common issue, as there are multiple complaints file with your organization. This was a real easy fix and it seems the longest part was removing the seat and putting it back in.

Once out you will see this mess. Both sides have to be aligned the same so the seat will bolt back down peoperly.

Durango Seat Repair

Simply move the seat forward to get to this one and the other smaller one to the left. Don't waste your time wasting ours! It is really fairly easy to fix and you just need to take your time and look everything over.

Pickup at our facility is available. Craig, All Rights Reserved. They need to be that size so the worm gear will easily move through them. That way I could make sure the nylon washer moved freely.

These trim pieces cover the back bolts. This bolt is located at the back of the worm gear, underneath. This is for the front seat. Definitely a safety hazard.

Dodge Durango Driver Seats

Is this a defect in the Dodge Durango? Hopefully no one has been injured by this defect that Dodge knows well about.

If your driver seat moves back and forth, then this is the fix for it. In an accident this will put the driver closer to the steering wheel and air bag. Just recently I noticed the following problem with my driver's seat. During braking, seat moving forward cause excess braking and steering movements. Disconnect the two wiring connectors that power the seat Unbolt the seat belt attachment from the seat.