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Not bad for Haji steak and the lobsters good. My boyfriend is deployed and just left Kuwait to go to Iraq! Deploying to Kuwait for duty. Ice cream always available!

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If so what type of deployments? Also the chow hall is pretty good. Some people just went outdoors to get reception, but if you're worried about that ultra-fine sand getting in your machine, you won't.

Linda is right in learning some Arabic. The bedding they give you sucks serious ass. The new dorms are definitely a step up. These include a small base exchange, three dining facilities, an above-ground pool, a clinic and a gym. If you like raquettball, take your own raquet and get used to reserving a court a day or two in advance.

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  2. Anyway the sad fact is those Halliburton guys could give two shits, they've got the contract.
  3. During the summer its hot as hell or hotter with no beer so be prepped if you're not a hot as the sun weather person.
Ali Al Salem Air Base (ICAO OKAS)

Its not that bad of a place to be. Tents are a better option. Depending on where the hajis put their repeater towers, hookup sites uk you may not need the antenna. He usually just waited until there weren't a lot of people trying to use the computers and that helped a lot. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Ali al salem hook up

Steak and Lobster on Fidays. Laundry machines down the hall. General Discussion Search In.

My husband and I used Voicestick while he was deployed. What kind of laundry facilities are there now? Also don't forget semi-nice neutral looking civies in case you go off base or break somewhere nice yeah right.

UMUC Europe

The chowhall still blows as referenced by others, but it is better than it used to be not saying much, still voted worst chow hall in the aor in my book. Just left there about a month ago. You'll know what I am talking about when you get here! Though it may still have the dusty feeling of the desert, the bungalows with plywood walls have comfortable worn sofa and carpeted floor.

Be safe, and enjoy as much as you can. Only few Kuwaiti regulars, base generals, and staff officers were left to fight for the freedom of this base. You will have all you need at each camp, although the lifestyle at each camp is a bit different.

Yongsan Reel Time Theater

Or have they moved us into the bombed out hangars? This place is the worst I have ever been to. There's alot less queep here. There's a small town called Fajaheel or something like that where they sell a lot of nice gold jewelry, colognes and perfumes. The terminal features parking lot for buses which are dropping and picking up soldiers, and also several tents to accommodate the passengers.

Take an external usb wifi antenna and a hellacious usb extension. You can go downtown on a group trip, but it's kind of a pain because of the class you have to take. The th Air Expeditionary Group finally had a new chapel or church after several years of construction for the out-of-tent project. How can people on welfare or food stamps expect respect from us?

You can download their software on line. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Though I guess crappy food will keep me from eating too much of it. It also features a small office space and conference room for confidential counselling and religious studies.

Ali Al Salem Air Base (ICAO OKAS)

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Are we still allowed into Kuwait City? However, farmers I have to confess - I'm a Mx officer - not a bag-wearer. They modified the tents into wooden bungalows.

Ali Al Salem Air Base

You have to take some kind of a cultural sensitivity class first. Each time I left there I was lighter, tanner, a better poker player, and more well-read than when I showed up. What do people mean when they say the brown boot when referring to the military?

Some people had personal cell phones that worked, but I think you had to have some special regional chip for your phone to work there. After being there last summer and the changes to now, the miniscule number of Hercs that are there, I see just how right he was. It also allows other types of air and ground operations and trainings. They also opened up a cultural travel program before I left so bring some civies no hooters tshirt and you can roll off base maybe.

COLONEL ERIC W. HOOK th Air Operations Center Display

  • Bring a bit of warm clothing, it can get damn cold in the desert at night.
  • None of us could get repeaters to work.
  • For the most part though we didn't have many problems with it.
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The movie selection at the theater is getting better. It was off limits on and off for a while. Do women make the army weaker?

How is it that you can win the battles yet lose the war, or lose the battles yet win the war? No beer, but I'd rather be here than the Deid. Bummer on the food though. The food isn't all that bad, just repetitive, and there's a Taco Bell, pizza place, dating after divorce etc on the rock.

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The Exchange

Its actually a pretty good time. Keep sharp on the books while you have chance. Dormitories and offices were also planned. Plan on spending all my free time at the gym anyways.

Physical activities and recreational activities like tournaments, flight runs games, and intramural sports are done regularly at the Ali Al Salem Air Base Kuwait. The space at the Ali Al Salem Air Base may be limited to general structures and tents but there are also other facilities in the area. Because of the presence of several tents for personnel and staffs, the Ali Al Salem Kuwait Air Base is like a tent city. The mall downtown is pretty swanky so dress to impress the local hotties you're not allowed to hook up with. The chapel serves as a sanctuary to the military officers and staffs deployed in the air base.

Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait City Kuwait

Ali Al Salem Air Base

Exchange Stores

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