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In addition to the selection of shapes, the catalog includes photos of the Barling Factory, some of which are herein reproduced. As for the Barling, it could be a very nice pipe. So, I'm glad you've set the record straight, at least in my mind, which had slightly wavered out of uncertainty. It looks well carved in a proper Barling shape, the stem looks like it's hand made, and it's of English manufacture, which puts it in the early Post Family era. The Barling family controlled production up till this point.

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But one rarely encounters them with the small Barling's stamp, which suggests that model numbers came late in the period of that stamp's use. Many times they used the old pre-war briar blocks as well. Hi Globi, I don't know what clematis is. Below are examples of several patents awarded to the company in this area.

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View dating profiles and personals in the Barling area or use the links below to view single men and women elsewhere in Arkansas. With no stamping on the stem, it's not possible to tighten the range. Pre-Transition Barling pipes are generally defined as those pipes made while the Barling family owned and operated the family business. The absence of a patent stamp doesn't really indicate anything. As time goes on, there will be changes to the lines and to the nomenclature.

From that point on, the goal was to restore the old tradition of pipemaking from the family era. But it's hard to be exact without hallmarked examples for comparison. The new numbering system was introduced while the Barling family managed the business. In some cases, pipes with flaws would get a sandblast. These changes were often very complicated and unnecessary.

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Since these pipes share the same markings as others manufactured as late as and beyond, green bay packers it is difficult to distinguish which are made from Family Era materials and which are not. We hope that more Barling collectors will be willing to share their treasures so that the narrative of this fine marque will become clearer and richer. This is simply an exquisite pipe! We welcome contributions from the collecting community.

He's a very serious student of Barling pipes. However, Family Era Barlings may have two numbers, not just three, and they may also have a letter following the model numbers. Barling would redo the language on the guarantee every five or so years. Could you please help me with dating this pipe? If the pic of the actual logo were better, I could probably give you a tighter range for dating.

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Regarding the How Many Angels? All I have to go on is the result. According to Tad Gage, Pre stampings are minimal. The th Anniversary catalog is not the first catalog issued by Barling. The pipe looked like a sandblasted Dunhill prince.

Namespaces Page Discussion. This pipe used an absorbent paper filter that was aluminum lined. All communication can be done directly through your username and inside the website! Barling expanded its range of sizes around that time, first listing them in the edition of Tobacco World, the British trade publication.

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There may have been other factories, but as of this writing, none has been identified. For many years Barling had model numbers for their pipes, but didn't stamp them on the pipes. Ready to make friends and see where it takes us. Given the political instability of late in that part of Africa, anxiety it is not surprising that problems procuring the African Meerschaum exist.

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Montague Barling, in reply, thanked Bing Crosby, presented the th Anniversary pipe set and wished him many hours of smoking pleasure from them. Using Algerian briar and air-curing the pipes for years, Barling was able to create exceptional pipes on par with the Dunhills of the day. But until we actually see a Niblick identifiable to the period, the issue remains speculative. But pipes have surfaced, hallmarked as early as with size marks, and as early as with model numbers.

No one can actually tell the difference. Was there a small guarantee paper in the lid of the box? These pipes continue to be an exceptional value for the money. Options include Managing your friends list or controlling your main chat status. The first digit represented size, while the next three are shape number.

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Just remember that you will need to clean it thoroughly before smoking it. Guss documents that the transition is a lot more complicated than that. Does the underside of the stem have anything stamped on it? The guy to ask is Tad Gage.

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What time period would you reckon it dates to? But as for this piece, it's got a Nichols number on it. They change the model numbering to include a size or group number as the first number.

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In the Post Transition period there seems to be a lot of experimentation with stamping placement. The Niblick appeared sporadically in the Barling line. There has been some speculation recently of an end to the African Meerschaum line of Barling and this information will be continually revised.

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  1. Imperial ran the business, some say into the ground.
  2. The buyer is hopefully happy with his purchase.
  3. If the box is original to the pipe not a common occurrence this can also indicate approximately when the pipe was made.
  4. The was why I asked earlier about the four digit marks.
  5. For years, the Barling family produced superior products that ranked amongst the finest of their kind.
  6. Great info from sablebrush, thank you for sharing.
  • The initial Quaints continue the tradition.
  • Also from the chat box, there are a few other features.
  • We will deny any order we believe has been placed by a minor.
  • It also has the box as well as the paper wrapping and cotton.

Well, the box and the pipe are not original to each other. We do not fully understand the African Meerschaum situation, but this is as much as we can surmise at this point. We are always looking for additional information and documentation on the fascinating history of Barling. Ye Olde Briars is one of my favorite sites and I've included a link to it on the Pipedia Barling page.

Note the very deep and detailed ring grain blast. We have a clematis around our front porch light, what is I'd have never thought to smoke the vine! Guss Williamson-Barling was nearing the end of his tenure as Managing Director.

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