Boom beach matchmaking problems, matchmaking is a large problem boombeach

It came back up and lasted a whole hour then down again. Keeps telling me check my internet after manitence break come on. Have you found out how to fix this? Boom beach stops at supercell logo. Same here, guardian internet dating hoax unable to get into game or get update to start.

  • If it does, it crashes within a minute.
  • Or old bugs re-appearing, like the lost hero upgrades.
  • Thx for any help anyone can provide.
  • What and how long is boom beach gonna be down.
  • Someone please needs to figure and post a solution.

My matchmaking improved hugely since the last update. Other main problems with the strategic combat game could include the game not loading at all, updates not working or you could be having boom beach problem with Chief Pat or something. As long as you're not turtling you shouldn't have much problems. What about your landing crafts and statue line-up?

We got reports of lost hero level upgrades, lost armory upgrades, and lost hero ability upgrades. Then you will not have the problem of not being able to attack higher level players. Anyone else having that problem? Fucking get better at your troop combo, upgrade your troops, single man dating online or get better statues.

Boom Beach problems

Boom beach matchmaking problems

Conversely, if it was considered then it's a straight money grab and all players are disposable in favour of gaining funds. Two shocks and four boom cannons and shock blisters tear me up. Why wasn't this ironed out? When I open it take me to the apps to update but there is no update option.

Matchmaking is a large problem BoomBeach

Boom beach matchmaking problems
Boom beach matchmaking problems

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  1. So they must have seen the critter spawn time wasn't fixed.
  2. Again Boom Beach is down again.
  3. Keeps crashing on me, I love playing Boom Beach but flipping heck its a nightmare at the mo.
  4. My boom beach gets to loading screen and stops?
  5. You definitely wouldn't get prototypes displayed in the crate if no weapons lab, and you wouldn't see a slot of a resource you hadn't unlocked.
  6. Or could it really have been a developer that didn't think to check if it was actually fixed?

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Even if there were no other new issues, I'd say this update was poorly planned and executed, and that communication with the community is poor. People pop up on your map and you beat them. The update appears to make Sarge's and Sparky's direct damage abilities level up correctly i. Maybe that was on purpose.

So, it looks a lot like this issue got swept under the rug. Move on with this circlejerk. On the positive side, I like Kevin in concept.

Rushed af is a good thing in this game. Just long enough for me to see how much of my iland was destroyed. Ya, mine stop loading in early Jan, loaded ones in Feb and never again. Give us more information and we might be able to help.

The Boom Beach Twitter account says they are aware of the problem and are making it a priority to fix. Ive been having problems with boom beach since yesterday. Unable to download new update of boom beach using google play. The Tribal Update exacerbates a matchmaking issue and doesn't resolve long-standing bugs self. Matchmaking is a large problem self.

Downloaded the update and now cant log in. People are getting compensated intermittently. Black screen on startup, no logo and no game atm.

Boom beach matchmaking problems

Boom Beach problems

Not a big deal, we got used to it. Unfortunately boom beach has stopped wtf. Open it and it goes right back to the original update screen. Either way, come say hi on Discord!

Just shows opening screen then freezes up. Any help would be appreciated. But now we've gotten to the point that we're getting the next major update and bugs from the last major update still exist or as you mention, have even gotten worse.

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Please respect that by not downvoting. Please report to the moderators if you see anything. In terms of balance, though, dating lesbian I have major concerns. Or are we going down a rabbit hole of it doesn't matter and this game is stupid now? But it's unclear to me what they intended to do to fix the problem.

So you lost all your troops. None were resolved, and I would like to have seen the troop freezes addressed at least. However, Eino's words could have been interpreted as them wanting to either fix the animations or fix the amount of healing per medkit. Ive done all i could to get my game back but no luck. When it crashes you lose alll troops.

My boom beach will not load. Seems to happen when hero throws dynamite. Same thing happened one or two updates ago. Either chill out with the pvp and only attack npc or Dr. Boom Beach has stopped working for me, each time i open the app it just closes on me again.

Boom beach matchmaking problems

Focusing more on power powder for rewards since it's the only way I'm getting by. Sure, vp has faults, but there's at least some sense in the matter. Same here i really liked this game until now been playing ten months and now ill lose everything just for thus stupid upgrade.

Honestly, bugs in games is a natural occurrence and I have accepted that they will be in most games. My wife always complains the computer and phone are always acting up. Every other game works except this one. But I don't know that this is the case, and I would love to hear back from others on the weekend. Those two bugs are way, way different in how much they affect the game.

No word that this has happened, either. What does your offensive power look like? Two major ones rise to my attention.

Tried clearing all app data and cache. Did they not care enough to fix it, even when they specifically mentioned it as a priority in the dev video? It is a fun game, but not worth the trouble. No matter what the issue is please share with the community below, rapper if you play Boom Beach on a regular basis bookmark this page.

These are just the issues at the front of my mind. Either way, this is probably justifiable in balance terms, but it's definitely annoying that they didn't mention this nerf, and just called it a fix. It used to be that I'd have to find new opponents half the time, but now I barely reroll. In my opinion the game is fair in a way that paying only helps those by a small margin.

More likely it was because their small team has no bandwidth for this issue in the midst of needing to churn out updates. Stay far away from this game. Hit update and it goes to a screen to open the app. But Robot Overlord, and Sarge not following flares, should be obvious to any dev looking at those issues, no matter where they're testing it.

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