Can you hook up 8 ohm speakers to a 4 ohm amp, connecting 4-ohm speakers to an 8-ohm receiver

Running 8 ohm speakers with a 4 ohm amp

One more thing on ohms the lower you can get the ohms without going below what the amp is rated the better sound and drive you will get out of your amp. Maybe I was lucky, but I never had any catastrophic failures during this time linked to the mismatch. From what I read this amp runs very cool, and I don't plan on blasting it. You can also use an impedance matching volume control for each pair.

Can I Run 8-Ohm Speakers With a 4-Ohm Amp

It seems that sometimes there is a gap between electromagnetics theory studies and associated analytical problem solving and seeing a physical manifestation of the properties in the discussions. Anyway, I've done it with rentals at low volumes, and it's been fine, dating irvine but with my own gear I would never do it! These allow you to set the impedance that the receiver sees as well as allowing control of the volume of each pair.

  1. You do run the risk of damaging the new amp with speakers that are too low in impedance.
  2. Not quite sure I can reach those wires as going through some walls.
  3. Laptop General Discussion.
  4. That's a concern, but it's not an Instant-Death sort of concern.
  5. In either case, the harder you drive the amp, the more risk you take.
  6. How do I connect a wireless speaker to a Yamaha receiver.

Will it still work or will it hurt anything? We have Cargo Cult Consensus. Might be useful to do that when you run both pairs together. That's easy enough, now we have back emf as the voice coil moves through the environmental magnetic field. Did you find any Prime Day deals that were too good to pass up?

My guess is that it will be a very short and short-lived thread. Previous Next Sort by votes. New posts Trending Search forums.

Is there anything to be gained by using a capacitor to offset the increasing reactance as frequency increases? You didn't list the amp so I can't see what it has for connections. Actually, breastfeed dating I think it does affect tone to a degree.

Why not start a thread where people who have actually had tube amp failures from speaker mismatches post. Search Forums Recent Posts. However, this topic is beyond the scope of this article.

You could hook both lefts in series and both rights in series then connect them to the same A speaker terminals. Hooking two separate speaker sets to the same desktop with audio splitter? Honestly I think it depends on the amp, higher end ones can usually handle lower impedance speakers whereas lower end models can't. How to connect Bluetooth transmitter receiver to speakers.

Connecting 4-ohm Speakers to an 8-ohm Receiver

How to Operate 4-ohm Speakers on an 8-ohm Amp

With the volume loud but not too loud the amp would go into protect mode and be very hot. New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Looking for speakers for a tx-nr onkyo receiver.

They will allow too much current to flow which can damage the amp. Many speaker, unless they are first order crossovers, will have swings in the phase angle as well as magnitude all over the place. The switch is there more for certification purposes.

Connecting 4-ohm Speakers to an 8-ohm Receiver

  • The diagram that jsmithepa posts is for a single channel not a pair.
  • Question right speaker sounds very different than the left one.
  • Let the community know about them in this Prime Day Deals discussion thread!
  • None of that tells me what this means for my mis-matched amplifier.
  • This allows the power hungry bass to be fed to your powered subwoofer and will take the load of the internal receiver amps thus preserving more dynamic range.

It can stress tubes and transformers. That being said, if you listen at moderate to low volumes, you may not have problems. What if a person did the opposite? That is, singapore most popular both the phase angle and magnitude are presented.

The metric that is worth something is Impedance vs. Won't happen overnight, especially if you don't play loud, but that kind of stuff can take its toll eventually, and I see no reason not to run stuff at their proper impedances. This has to do with the inductive reactance nature of loudspeaker systems. It's not real noticeable but I do notice it.

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It won't affect tone but there are stresses that are causing damage that you can't see until something gives and you have to spend money to repair it. May as well give an example speaker gain vs frequency plot I like Bode and evoke the maximum power transfer theorem while we're at it. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. This may potentially drive an amp into oscillation if it becomes too problematic. Gene manages this organization, establishes relations with manufacturers and keeps Audioholics a well oiled machine.

4 ohm speakers on 8 ohm receiver

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Converting existing wired home theater speakers to wireless? Both pairs would have to play all the time. As said before, don't blast it and you'll be fine. Like the other folks said, check the amp manual for recommendations. This in turn generates less heat since the amp isn't driven as hard.

As Munjibunga told you that's basically what happen using ohm amps-cabs. No, create an account now. Essentially you are losing power because of the mismatch. In general, if you must run a mismatch, instrument hook up design for solid state amps it is better to run higher impedance than lower. These switches step down voltage feed to the power sections which will limit dynamics and overall fidelity.

Can I hook up 8-ohm speakers to a 4-ohm amplifier

Higher efficiency does not necessarily mean it's a better speaker. How do I add Wireless Speakers to a Sansui vintage receiver. Again, make sure you have proper ventilation so that you are not frying eggs on top of the amp, risking thermal meltdown. Don't run high volumes, and you should be Ok. Guitar speakers to home receiver.

Running 8 ohm speakers with a 4 ohm amp

What is the best way to connect speakers or cabinets MESA/Boogie Support

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