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  1. Going back to the early years at Strathearn Glass, John Deacons started his glass career there in the mid s.
  2. Do they fit into any particular category?
  3. Strathearn workers often finsihed off to a flat base many of their paperweights and these flat base weights were not limited to a particular catagory of weights made.
  4. He sent small clear glass birds and cobalt ones in egg cartons to souvenier shops all over the U.
  5. Unfortunately, a lot of these companies have gone by the wayside over the years, either because the owners died or the company went bankrupt.
  • Over the years Paul had quite a few apprentices that he would take under his wing and train.
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  • They harkened back to a time when people were self-sufficient, tough in a quiet way, with Hoosier humor and a kind of pride that is neither egoism nor selfishness.

Scottish paperweights are recognised and valued by collectors world-wide, a fitting tribute to the great artists who made them. There are two concentric circles, the first is of green canes, dating am the second one is of blue and white canes. It is in its original lined blue hinged-box. Refine your search Exact phrase.

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Perthshire began in by Stuart Drysdale in Crieff, Scotland. These things were not mass-produced on an assembly line. Photo courtesy of Allan's Paperweights. It covers a wonderful introductory description on the company and the procedure. The strong tradition of superb millefiori and lampwork paperweight making in Scotland which began with the Ysarts, has spawned several master glass artists with studios in Central Scotland.

The various types that he made are pretty well documented, whether it was millefiori or lampwork, flowers, fish, birds, ducks, stuff like that. How many paperweight collectors are there? The center of each flower is a tiny millefiori cane.

Some of the weights also have fluted edges, making them quite decorative. Accept Cookies Learn More. Your email will not be published required. Ysart and Vasart star spoke. Strathearn Glass was part of Strathearn and Company.

The paperweights of Pietro Bigaglia of Venice were displayed at this exhibition. For years I have searched, but I will probably never in my lifetime find a brochure or a catalog from the Ysart Vasart period, and nobody else will either. What makes it particularly nice is if you can find the original box they came in. The paperweight bottle shown below follows a long tradition in Scotland. These are called overlays.

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Caithness paperweight

The company was hit by a recession in and John closed down the factory operation. There is a circle of green and white canes on the base perimeter of the weight. His Scottish Paperweights is printed by Schiffer Books for collectors. Any information you can give me will be appreciated.

Caithness Paperweight

The paperweight shown below is a stave crown weight used as an overlay with a blue internal cushion and flowers, leaves, buds and a buterfly inside. An increasingly urban population and an expanding market of goods created by the Industrial Revolution stimulated the manufacture of many new decorative novelties. Thank you very much for all the info. Max Miller was a friend of my parents. Just like the picture above Strathearn canes- and in one of the tiny flowers is the letter P in dark blue.

Ysart Brothers Glass was not very profitable during that timeframe, so they took some financial assistance from a guy that ran Pirelli Glass. True work of art, Here is the problem. John Deacons stands in a long tradition of paperweight making in Scotland which was greatly influenced by Salvador Ysart and his four sons, the most famous of whom was Paul. The background is made from pieces of latticino canes jumbled together.

They made as many as they could sell for the general tourist trade. Identifying Nineteenth Century Baccarat Paperweights. This goes back to the period before the Ysarts, paperweights like Bacchus and Whitefriars. An overlay is basically the same paperweight that we have been discussing, but with a special cup with a color in it.

There were American paperweight makers and glassworkers in the s that were good, and there are some today that are just outstanding. Perthshire made a spoke paperweight, or cartwheel. Jack Allan, who had been Salvador Ysart's last apprentice at Vasart Glass, indonesian was the master glassmaker.

No material from this website may be copied or reproduced without written permission from Angela M. Stuart's used the factory to make crystal blanks for cutting at their Stourbridge factory in England. Unfortunately, the box rots after a number of years and falls apart, and some of the individual items are lost or broken or they end up getting sold and separated. Including many original catalog pictures and dozens of photographs.

Can you tell me who is responsible for this marking? Thank you so much for the pain staking work you have done here! My grandfather was busily helping the artisans get savings with the Savings and Loan. In the mids, largest dating glass paperweights appeared.

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Twenty five various glass paperweights, including Caithness, Langham, etc. It is a beautiful emerald green. Italy had been making paperweights for years, too. My wife thought I ought to collect something, so I started buying some paperweights.

How unusual is it to find one of these weights? They interview them and take pictures of the paperweights, and then they put out terrific books for collectors. There is a compound center cane with five spaced millefiori canes. When the Strathearn Glassworks was sold by Teacher's, John Deacons bought all the Strathearn moulds mostly vase moulds, no paperweight ones.

Three Caithness glass paperweights and a Chinese reverse painted crystal ball on stand More details. Caithness Glass, which started making paperweights when Paul Ysart worked there in the s, continues to make paperweights at their Perth factory. During his time at Moncrieff and also at Caithness, Paul was allowed to use the glass-making facilities to make his paperweights. Mary Haberstroh lives in Tucson, Arizona and she is a collector of millefiori paperweights. The Classic Period This period of competitive manufacture, which captures paperweightmaking at its best, had come to be termed the Classic Period of French paperweights.

Caithness Paperweights
Caithness Paperweight

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They went out of business in or when the son died. He made his living as an organ tuner, travelling all over the U. Definitely buy something that you like. They dunk the paperweight in, dating sites spain free forming a glass coat around the clear glass paperweight.

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Nineteenth century revival of the glass industry

They were a wholly modern, functional glass form that drew upon the ancient glassmaking techniques of millefiori and lampwork and the late-eighteenth century technique of cameo incrustation. It was basically a bunch of Scottish quartz in sand that was layered to form a base with clear glass put over the top so that when you look at it, it sparkles. Additional InformationSurface scratches, marks, scuffs etc. Can you lead me to something to give me history of Max Miller paperweight?

Nice collection of glass and other composite paperweights including Caithness, Olands and Millrace etc More details. Box od glassware majority Caithness More details. Etched and Engraved Glass of the Netherlands. Not all glass is compatible or recyclable but Max knew his stuff. He set up a much smaller studio in where he continues today, assisted by his son Craig.

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