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Note the use of welders gloves for handling the hot metal. Make fresh-ground coffee at camp or at home with this compact, authentically styled coffee mill. The mess is mineral deposits. Bend the seam tabs as with the kettle body. There's a ring on the lid for lifting and an iron bail for hanging or handling.

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At least I'm not in the minority as to dating this tea kettle - no idea! My impression is that copper does not vary much from place to place. Handmade of heavy gauge copper with a tin lining for food safety. Copper is so soft and reactive that patina alone would be of minimal use. From the first, kettles were an indispensable item of tea-making equipment.

Wrapping a wire adds unnecessary difficulty to a beginner project, and on a small kettle it is not required for strength. You have determined the width of material that is required for the kettle body. Great for heating water to wash dishes or bathe.

Dovetail side seam runs under and above spout. Other ethnic groups also had their own copper traditions and items. Definitely well finished inside. We begin with the lid sides.

The body lip piece's inside surface will face the kettle body's outside surface. Continue with these tests until you find just the right width of material required for your seaming tool and this mandrel. Using safety flux, put a thin coat over the entire inside surface of the kettle body and lid.

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It should be very close to perfect. Next, fearless the you must prepare the kettle body lip which will be attached to the kettle body. The dealer wrote back giving only the specific measurements and no info why called Dutch and a date.

Antique Copper Kettle

As far as I know this type of kettle is still being made in places where coppersmithing is still a living art. It features heavy duty steel bails and lids with wooden knobs so you won't burn your fingers when checking the stew! Any saw tooth marks or filing marks will mar the surface of your copper.

  • There are large parts of the world - especially Africa and Asia - where pieces are still being made like this, for everyday use as well as tourist trade.
  • Once you have gone around the kettle body, the coating of tin that you have applied will be very rough, with patches of bare copper.
  • Unfortunately, very few objects like this that are not in museums have this kind of pedigree.
  • The inside rim of the cover that fits over the top of kettle was a mess with tin corrosion.
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  1. Their shape was subject to experimentation.
  2. Bend the test strip on the mandrel.
  3. The seams are soldered with brass, the handle is riveted to body with copper rivets.
  4. Before tea became the national drink, water had always been heated in large iron cauldrons suspended over an open fire.

Repeat with the other lug. The interior of the body and cover are tin lined. Probably about the fourth one or so will work. Cutting Out the Kettle Body You have determined the width of material that is required for the kettle body.

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The men who traveled the frontiers of America required rugged equipment. This appears to be similar info that one of the sellers of a tea kettle I found online had also. The lip piece should slightly overlap the side edges of the kettle body.

Victorian Copper Kettles

Drill the two lug holes through the kettle using a bit just large enough for the rivets to pass through. Place the kettle back on the mandrel and go around the bottom with the rawhide hammer, pinching everything nice and tight. You can deal with the drips by attacking them with the soldering iron. She asked me to research it. Tinning The most challenging step is tinning the kettle.

Dating copper kettles

Copper kettles were built to last, and one that was splitting at the seam wouldn't have been discarded, but would have been laid aside for the travelling tinker to repair. Collecting Early Copper Kettles. If you bend the bail wire above the mandrel and down to the other side of the kettle, the final length of the bail will be perfect.

Nestle the lid sides within the lid top and place it on the mandrel, top down. Identify the outside and the inside of the lid sides. They are made from heavy-gauge solid copper with an added tin lining to make them safe for cooking.

Hope this may be of some additional help. On either side of the marks, cut dovetails as shown in the illustration below. Let it overlap about the same on each edge.

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You must now decide how tall the body should be. Determine where on the kettle you wish the bail to be attached. Drill the holes in the lid and cut down two rivets as you did with the lugs.

Our buckets are made using the spinning method, just like the originals. The lid top will not have the same diameter as the kettle bottom. You will no doubt find a few.

The corn boiler is historically authentic for camp and trail, similar to a large cup but with a hinged lid, bail and lid loop. Note the rivet washer on top of the bail wire. We wouldn't be without one. Fortunately, dating yorkshire uk it's easy to make. Pure tin bars can be obtained from metal alloy suppliers.

You will need to use a special tool to join the sides of the kettle. The discoloration will rapidly disappear. From the inside of the kettle, funny short dating bend the tabs back over the bottom lip. The diameter of the finished circle should be the same as the outside diameter of the mandrel. Put on some work clothes and boots that you don't mind having liquid tin splash on.

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