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This company was quite successful from the s through the s. Your email will not be published required. The original prices ran from cents. Some are the smaller ones that you could buy and a few of the big, polyamory dating app counter books that the store would give away when the new ones came out.

VintageStitching - Vintage Sewing Patterns

There is a lot of competition on Etsy, and across the internet, for that matter, in this category. In it you answered many questions I have had for a long time! Modes Royale patterns were sold in the most up-scale department stores in the s and s. Anyway, so far all of the patterns I've been able to snap up or have already had and put in my shop are for women. Hawaiian Patterns There were several companies that made patterns for Hawaiian fashions.

Please let me know if anyone is interested. All images in this article courtesy Lizzie Bramlett of Fuzzylizzie. There is a book series, Blueprints of Fashion by Wade Laboissonniere, that attempts to make sense of all the different numbering systems. This includes every venue from yard sales to antique shows. Nicole, patterns, online that is really amazing!

Vogue Patterns began in as a mail-order feature in Vogue Magazine. In Vogue Patterns was moved to the right hand side of the envelope. Butterick could have what Vogue does now, historical patterns redrawn in modern sizing. In the s, they released a line of special patterns called Customode. Simplicity patterns were known for their ease of sewing.

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Selling vintage sewing patterns

  1. There is a vintage pattern category on eBay, but there are also quite a few small websites devoted to the selling of vintage patterns.
  2. With such a long and amazing back catalog of patterns to choose from, how do you go about choosing which patterns to reissue?
  3. In the graphic font changed, and the logo down the side of the pattern went from grey to black with yellow writing.
  4. We go through a complete process to re-create these patterns.
  5. The reason being, they're easy and fairly quick to list, don't take up a lot of space to stock them and they don't cost much shipping.

McCall s Archive Collection

Hollywood Patterns Many of the patterns from this now defunct company, featuring stars and starlets on their envelopes, are highly collectable. Sort of like a glamourous, shapely, richard wiseman speed dating collar-less polo shirt! It appears to have gone out of business by the late s.

Vintage Vogue Patterns

Companies reissue patterns using the same numbers so this won't be very helpful. Given that you now have three brands to play with, why not distinguish the levels of authenticity? This is when knowing a bit about fashion eras can be valuable.

Cemetarian How to Date Vintage Sewing Patterns

We are a non-profit sewing pattern library in the U. The list of pattern companies below is by no means complete, but is presented as a starting point for the beginner collector. Remember, these were manufactured by the thousands! These are authentic patterns, reissued just as they were originally published.

Selling vintage sewing patterns

However, poor condition and incompleteness do affect value, so pay accordingly. Thank you for this interesting post. Kindest regards from Switzerland, Doris aka Frau Button. We found a box of my mother-in-laws old patterns that I was going to donate.

We have quite a bit of fun over on the WeSewRetro Facebook page have you been playing our vintage pattern dating game over there? Vintage styles can also have an updated, fresh look with new fabrics. Can you tell us about the process of taking a single-sized vintage pattern and rereleasing it as a multisized pattern? Today, one of the best places to find vintage patterns is online, especially if you are searching for a specific pattern.

They were required to destroy or send back the pattern jackets, so I have all the intact pattern pieces folded inside the instruction sheet. The archive room sounds like a treasure trove for sewers. Could you let me know please if you know of anyone that collects these as its such a shame to throw them. This last weekend I was having a garage sale and put a box of Christmas decorations in that my father in law had given me from a flea market. Simplicity Simplicity patterns were known for their ease of sewing.

Vintage Vogue Patterns

Dating Vintage Patterns

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The artwork on the envelopes can also be a thing of beauty to behold all by itself. This website offers reproduction vintage patterns as well as complete originals. You are correct that counting the pieces is necessary to ensure that your pattern is complete. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Spadea was another of the mail order companies.

If you find something that is contrary to your knowledge please let me know so I can adjust this post to be more helpful. They are, in, and of themselves, a documentation of fashion sewing of the past. We are very influenced by popular culture when it comes to deciding what patterns to reissue, and customer feedback plays a big role here too. Pretty good question, right? Hi Karin, I love selling patterns as apart from counting the pieces- they are so quick and easy to list, and nice and cheap to post.

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My grandmother was a wonderful seamstress in her day and sewed for everyone in the neighborhood. McCall did print their copyright dates on their patterns it's just a matter of finding them because Dates printed on envelope they were printed in various location. It can be an experience, because many older patterns come unprinted! There is no guess-work about completeness with a factory folded pattern. Couldn't be a more humble project.

  • She was able to tell me what fabrics she used for each one, and if the dress was made for a special occasion, what it was.
  • This is where it stayed until the war when the star was used.
  • Originally it appears that the logo was along the top of the pattern envelope and then in the logo was along the left hand side of the envelope.
  • This company did beautiful dresses and suits throughout the s into the s.

Great article, I too resell patterns and this info is very informative. The blouse was very fitted, not much ease, meant to be worn over the slacks, not tucked in, and the zipper made the button-loop-front merely decorative. Instead of using the actual pattern to cut out the pieces, use the copy, saving wear and tear on the more fragile original.

Vintage Vogue Pattern

These patterns are among the most prized by collectors. They were also the first to print on the paper pattern pieces. They were known for their very stylish dresses and suits. And McCalls could be as described above, patterns of another era, nashik dating club recreated from scratch. Look at the bottom corners to find the dates.

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