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Mt Loco Encoder Appendix D. Regulatory approvals and declarations. In almost all cases, screen images look best when viewed at their native resolution. Note Only a single keyboard device can be installed at a time. The usage types are also listed.

Seller makes no warranty regarding the model life of components. While there are a few device-specific commands, most commands can be used with any device. Close the device When the application is finished with the device, it simply closes the port using the handle obtained when it opened it. Extended Warranty Information.

Quick Installation Guide No Driver. All the facilities of the driver are utilized during this stage of operation. Fixed Size Bold Used to represent literals symbols, exactly as sent or received from driver Italic Used to represent placeholders variable fields Expression parts in brackets are optional. Adapter Input Voltage Range.

Pixels and Image Sticking. Properties can be interrogated by issuing a command and modified with a command. Other sizes are available by special order.

All these ports differ greatly in nature and would all have to be accessed by the application. The property name begins with an alphabetic character.

Elo touch et1725l driver


Interested in Custom Products from Elo? Commands for complete description and examples of all commands. This is typical if the status does not indicate a failure, per se, but that the device may not be ready yet or first needs some other interaction by the user. Open the device using either of the previous names. Other Supported Resolutions.

Some of the Drivers support multiple configurations of the associated product. Although you do not have to have the device connected to install the driver, it is highly recommended.


Overview It can prompt the user to repeat the action and re-submit the command. The name should be enclosed in quotes if it contains spaces. This gives both the Friendly Name and the port name. If there is a duplicate property e. It can reset the device and prompt the user to repeat the action.

Agency Approval Certificates. To invoke a command, an application simply writes it to the driver in the same manner as writing to a file or serial port. Get Started with Elo Today.

Commands write Function Data encode command. Polyester with outside hard-surface coating with clear or antiglare finish. Figure shows the dimensions for the standard product. Commands rawsend Function Send arbitrary data to the device.

Elo TouchSystems Entuitive ET1725L Series User Manual

When a card or check is swiped through the device, the driver sends the respective response. Refer to the Read Argument table below for a description data sources.

If a value other than the default value is desired, it can be set by the factory upon request. The modifier may also be used with ignore-fields i. Installing Device Drivers wnt Appendix A.

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Optional IntelliTouch Stylus Pen. Overview The Elo L inch standard format touchscreen monitor delivers professional-grade built-for-touch reliability in an affordable compact footprint. For best performance, your touchmonitor should be operating in native resolution, that is x at Hz. Detachable touch and video cables are included. The space-saving touchscreen includes a stable base, e173fpb driver side controls and lock-out capability for public use.

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