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Reply I was hoping to get an answer because I haven't been able to get ahold of my lawyer and it's now the weekend. Thats your sister have you no respect for yourself or your sister? Down the road, if you want to return to your maiden name, you can use your divorce decree to do it instead of having to petition the court. Reply My wife was court ordered. The ex-spouse's name is shown at the bottom of the marriage certificate.

If it contains no such line, you must petition the court. It simply gave you the option to. Companies would lose their standing and good business damaged if the name were to be changed. No need to file a separate petition.

You can leave your name untouched. Have you tried just using your divorce decree to restore your maiden name? No, it wouldn't be a problem. Reply I have a disabled son with my ex, for his medical and legal purposes, can I use his last name still? Life is Savage has moved to a new location.

At this point, you'll have to get a court to approve your name change. It's whichever you prefer. What you're still using, considering you never legally switched back to your maiden name. When I divorced I never changed my name back since it was easier not going through those motions. There are also places where you have to indicate in a divorce decree whether you are keeping the married name or not.

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It is my step fathers but he never legally adopted me. You should come to denmark! No, you don't have to go back to court.

Ultimately, it's her choice to maintain the name or revert to a prior. If people had known the woman by that name for over a decade, it makes every sense to stick on to it. However, in case of a divorce, it makes a lot of sense to maintain the last name of the ex if an established company that has reverted to the ex-wife bears his last name. They are too modest though too admit to this. Reply hi, I was married back in europe and came with my husband in united states.

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Saying you want a name change on your divorce papers doesn't obligate you to follow through. You'd have to petition the court to reverse a name change. Or maybe she wants to go back to your husband's surname and will try to use the divorce decree as the avenue to get there. It wouldnt suprize me is the parents found out and disowned the poor girl and her brother for their cruel acts of sibling rivalry.

Can i revert everything and change my name back to my ex-husbands's name? Or I have to change to the name I had before I was married? She's tough, and doesn't like to show weakness. Some will permit you to return to your maiden name or a previous surname.

Reply First of all, thank you for keeping up with this conversation! She is so funny, and can turn anything into the best jokes you have ever heard. Women who have divorced and would like to have a sense of their own identity and forget the man who brought a lot of pain in their lives simply seek to have the last name dropped.

Reply Personally I think the person that wrote this article is ignorant. She told on his parents, its his fault he was drinking, maybe she was worried for his health. Your brother and sister your meant to be sticking up for each other the not causing each other grief. It would make it easier to use his name when I need to book his appointments, or any other legal stuff.

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  • She is such a confident and outgoing person.
  • She is an amazing kisser and very loyal to a friend or boyfriend.
  • Reply Can a person Ugo back to a last name they have no document for?

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  1. She has amazing hair, amazing eyes, and a very happy smile, that just make you happy.
  2. It's no guarantee it'll be accepted, especially without supporting documentation.
  3. She's not obligated or required to change it.

You couldn't do it on her behalf. Reply Were we ever even legally married? Reply I am divorced and kept my ex husbands last name. My name will tell a story right, and i'm still a winner right?

So, now in addition to having all of her friends see it, the list has also gone viral and its likely that a couple million others have too, and eventually someone will find out their last name. At the same time, it's possible that all the academic papers, such as degrees and diplomas earned while still married, were provided with the last name. After marriage, I plan to change my last name to my second husband's last name. Now I'm trying to get married, at the courthouse they asked me for a certified copy of divorce decree, it says I have to change my last name back to maiden one. If you were married to the Kennedy's, Presley's or any Royal family you already know you have a famous name that can open many doors.

First, you have to decide if you're going to formally change your name. The judge held her in contempt for not making the change! Will that cause me any problems getting my new married name put on all my legal documents, i. If the person doesn't want to change their name, there's not much that can be done to compel them. It depends on if she's trying to commit fraud or evade debt.

Reasons to Not Change Your Married Name after Divorce

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She's not married yet, but I have a feeling it will happen in the next couple of years. Were we ever even legally married? No, what makes you unique it will not affect them. Think about what you just posted. Be careful with her please.

It's a public, historical record. Girl that can be self conscious. My question is since I just changed my name will all benefits belong to me or is she entitled to something? Or, dating exclusive can I wait for as long as I want? Can I go to the small court house in my town and do it?

Katie obviously has problems, whatever those problems are, her parents or a psychologist needs to talk to her about them. Yeah, Katie is my lady and I love her so much. Wow, katie is the most amazing girl I've ever seen. Still, why in the hell would you do a list of people you either want or have screwed? Who around that ages doesnt have a list of some sort of who they want to shag?

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Thank you Reply I am now engaged again and for my new marriage I would like to use my maiden name till I take my new husband name. This is not a simple thing to do. You would be able to keep it unchanged. If her daughter is a minor or the daughter expressed that desire, that's one thing.

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In the papers I elected to restore my maiden name. She saved him from underage drinking. What might be the repercussions if I don't file a response? The fact of the matter is that it became her own name the minute she legally changed it in the first place.

She does not want to be loud so she is shy and quiet at points. Hello group I have a question that someone mite to answer for me. Somebody call the waaaaaaahmbulance.

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Yes, you can reverse the name change process, but you'll have to obtain a court order first. There's no recourse for them. It's marital status that counts. Chances are she might be emotionally attached and still have feelings for the ex and since no one really knows the future, years she might decide to stick with it. Because she wants to have perfectly natural sexual encounters with people?

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