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The default unit varies depend- ing on the regional setting of the client computer. Continue the procedure for configuring the printer.

When any optional unit is installed in this equipment, set the configuration of the machine on this tab. This problem can arise as the result of a hardware malfunction, a network communi- cation or configuration problem. Enter each item to specify the printer address. The printer driver is installed. General Options General Options The following options apply to all print files.

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Set the following options. You can release the scheduled print job only that you originally submitted. This is useful when you want to print or insert a color cover and color sheets in front of every chapter in a document.

Configure the print options on each tab. You can print a document by sending the print file, as an email attachment, to this equipment using the mail client software. If there is not a preferred font size in the list, enter the font size by points. This guide provides instructions on how to set up your computer and print to the equipment. This system permits users to connect easily to workflow systems, and can even be flexibly adapted to the customisation of systems for specified customers.

Toshiba's low temperature toner boasts vivid colour reproduction of even the most colourful photos. You can install printer drivers and other client software using the installer. About Client Software for Windows Printer Drivers Printer drivers are software components that enable application programs to interact with the printer. If you want to install printer drivers as well as other client software, gtx 570 drivers update utility this method is convenient.

One of the drawers is out of paper. The queue for this equipment should be set up by an administrator. Check if the power voltage is unstable. Not all features are supported on all platforms, however. The printer is out of paper.

Printing with Extended Print Functionality In this section, procedures are given to print various types of print job, using the layout and fin- ishing options. Problem with the Current Printer Setup Problem Description The driver was not set up properly, possibly because the installation procedure did not complete. With the series, an optional fax feature can be added, further reducing total footprint and management cost. It searches the equipment within the local subnet in your network. When a print job is a color document, it prints the document in color mode.

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Installing Fonts in Windows After searching the fonts, you can install them in Windows. The procedure is the same when other versions of Windows are used. You can edit the substitution setting for each TrueType font. The TopAccessDocMon is not available for parallel printing.

The print job, sent as a private job, is saved in the private job queue on this equipment, and is not printed until you activate printing from the Touch Panel Display. This allows you to print to this equipment from any- where on the Internet.

You can release the proof print job only that you originally submitted. The tab paper can be fed only from the Bypass Tray. If there are still problems, exit all applications and try again. Also it allows to enable Toner Save and Smoothing functions. The installation is completed.

You can restore the data and settings when you re-install the client software. No patent liability is assumed, however, with respect to the use of the information contained herein.

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Refresh rates are also known as polling rates. For example, you could use this option to insert blank, colored sheets between overhead transparencies. Continue to the next step. The magenta toner is Empty. Cartridge Before System is Empty.

This section will help you to find the description of specific print options, or understand the functions for each print option. Printing from Macintosh is available only when the Network Interface Card is installed.

The fonts are listed alphabetically by the font family name. One of the toner cartridges is empty. The Installer may ask you to restart your computer.

The following options are valid for the print languages. Email Printing Email printing is available when enabled on this equipment.

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The used toner container is The toner bag is full. Changing The Default Values If the above file exists, enter the following command. The searched fonts are displayed at the Available Font list.

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When you enable tab printing, place the tab paper on the Bypass Tray. Would you like to find it? If you forget this number, you can no longer print the private print job.

Toshiba studio 357 drivers for windows mac

Also the tabs displayed vary depending on how you display the printer properties. Total footprint is reduced, and management is simple, as consumable purchases and maintenance are required for only one device.