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Williams System 6 Driver Board

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For the early solid state games, Williams re-used the flipper mechanism from their electromechanical games. Hi, This is a game tested mpu for a williams Black out pinball machine. However, logitech rt7d40 driver Williams failed to run a trace to this pin for the memory protect circuit. The Williams backbox is similar for most of the games in the System games.

And the contacts break easily too. Poor connections due to fatigue or seeping battery damage can cause a break in this connection. The features these games introduced became standards for almost all pinball games produced right up until today.

Williams Driver Board Replacement Parts

Finally a warning about protecting the switch matrix. As shown in the picture above, someone did a poor job of reflowing the solder on the header pins. In that case rather than a crimper, the.

The board is in very good condition but sold as is. Test the board for the previous booting problem. Few things are more depressing for me than the sound of a pinball rolling around the wood with no background noises and without sounds of points being scored.

Same issue if just one display is blank. Some of it has been slightly modified for clarification purposes only.

Williams system 6 driver board

This a very simple, and in some cases, cheaper alternative to repairing the existing reset circuit. It should be noted that the connector in the picture is an extreme example of poor condition connections. The speaker will have to be placed close to one's ear to hear the sounds, if any sounds are being output. As the connections tarnish, resistance increases, and the connections become hotter.

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That, then, leaves the base. Again, the connector is a. This gives you an indication that the sound board is working, as each pin should produce a distinct sound. Here there is quite a lot of mass, and much of it is located a good distance from the centre line of the flipper shaft. Pressing the diagnostic switch should then provide a hopefully valid indication of what component is stopping the pinball or whatever from running.

Item was pulled from a working machine that was upgraded with new boards. The games with speech in the first table are right, I'm less happy with the Video games and Hyperball.

This is easiest to do neatly with a drill press. The boards function identically. The diodes on every switch help to steer the drives only to the row that's being read and not back into other parts of the matrix. On the female side, crimp pins of the trifuricon type are best.

Knowing which displays are out helps reduce the fault domain down to one chip. Once this happens they offer resistance to current and your flippers will seem weaker.

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They have reproduction manuals available for all Williams games. Useful chips to buy and have around, as the is also used on the System Driver Board for the switch matrix and on other later games. If you can swap a working Master Display Driver board from a System a game with stable displays, then do that as a first step. This does not work when you get to for System Masters, as all the pins are used. System remained fairly similar in their backbox layouts.

Williams Driver Boards

It is best to replace both the male and female sides of the pin interconnect to ensure that all is well. In such cases adding a remote volume pot may be the only solution. This upgrade is useful to reduce the number of sockets and failure points. Perhaps the most maligned socket brand, and rightfully so, is the Scanbe brand. First, rebuild the flipper assembly with fresh parts.

Driver board compatible with Stern White Star pinball games. It's a costly shame, because this was an otherwise decent, clean, working driver board. These zero ohm resistors are located in the upper right corner of the driver board. Once the capacitor is installed, and the board installed back in the game, leave the game on for a couple hours to allow the game to initially charge the capacitor to full capacity. Sliding the existing pins from the motherboard connector housing, and they will potentially fit right in a.