Custom Wilson Staff Driver vs. Driver 2

Wilson High Launch Driver

Custom Wilson Staff Cortex Driver. Personally, Wilson along with Cobra are vastly underrated. Features Winner of Wilson's Driver vs. Sliding the weight towards the rear of the driver creates higher ball flights and maximizes carry. Too high The Wide stripe on top I will cover over with faux carbon fiber print film.

The sound is much better after seeing the results. Trajectory Control Trajectory Control The Fast Fit hosel system allows you to dial in your preferred ball trajectory by fine tuning the loft in half-degree increments. What I found is I am a bit longer, straighter, and more consistent with the C than with any of my collection of drivers, even the Triton. Eleven different flex and weight options. Tour model that sits open, maybe?

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The crown and address position look like something from a house brand or component maker. If I owned one the first thing I would do is spraypaint the top of the clubhead.

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Amazing feel, sound, distance, performance and adjustability. You might need a ride home by ambulance. Geneo this was the show I mentioned.

If Triton can fill that hole and perform as Wilson hopes it will, the slow, 845dpro driver steady growth Wilson has experienced over the past several years might just get a boost. Kudos to Wilson Staff for bringing a viable driver to market.

Wilson Staff DVD 2 Winner Driver

If you want a fade put it in the toe. We had the opportunity to demo the Triton over the weekend and learned few things. None of the negative feed back from others on this post bothered me at all.

Display as a link instead. Share your review so everyone else can enjoy it too. Hillside Where would you host the British Masters? The idea is to have a positive AoA, but shift your entire swing plane outward so your path is still out on the upswing at impact. An email has been sent to.

Wilson high launch driver

Where they are loading it, what they feel, what they are looking to do. It went in the bag and plays tomorrow. The club might be real, but the show was horribly contrived, scripted and a poor ripoff of Shark Tank and American Idol.

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Wilson Staff DVD 2 Winner Driver


If it is indeed low launch and low spin, then it is an odd club. Sometimes the hosel doesn't change launch much, but the C does which is good as loft is one of the key factors in performance. We can say with all certainly, the Triton is very much low launch and low spin, is plenty long and with its closed face creates an almost automatic draw.

The sole really looks good. An easy to use color coded system makes it easy to dial in whichever shaft feel and performance parameters you prefer. Got it at a nice price, very nice price. All Cortex drivers come configured with the weight in the center, or neutral position.

If you position the ball before the low point, your AoA will be negative. And that is despite the looks and the sound of the Triton, although the C also sounds a bit crashy and has hit a few branches on the way down too. The only thing I was disappointed in no one has said if it improved the distance in the drive that is what counts. This one is easy to align, and ball goes off like a rocket.

Wilson HyperSpeed Club Set in New Condition

The markings that you will likely find on Very Good Condition products will show typical wear of models of its age. You get to try it when, where, and how you want for two weeks before deciding if you want to buy it or not.

Kuro Kage offers a higher balance point. Red has a softer tip profile which generates a high launch and high spin. What is your handicap because where I play the high score buys the drinks? This did reduce the launch angle and the balance of the club must have suited me better as I got more ball speed and was more accurate even if I was a few yards longer.

When your driver sells, fairway metal woods, hybrids, irons and wedges follow. Swing speed could come into it but if you are a good ball striker and swinging controlled this driver will be a great weapon in the bag. All that said, I still struggle a bit with that price point for a new driver, regardless of the brand.