Wurlitzer piano dating, the date of your wurlitzer electric piano

This one has been played a good bit based on some looseness in the action but the body seems almost too clean to be original. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Finished by October, maybe earlier.

Wurlitzer Pianos

Black keys are further regulated with a set screw under the key. What year is Wurlitzer spinet piano serial? See the link below to determine the age of a Wurlizter piano by the serial number. Always stylish some mission style cabinets fall into this Grade when they are augmented by legs that rise above the key bed and cheek blocks to be capped with small pyramid shapes.

The Date of your Wurlitzer Electric Piano

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Wurlitzer Electric Piano models a list

The value of a Wurlitzer piano model P would actually depend on a couple different things. Please be patient as we are updating this page on a daily basis. Lower than a known number.

In the mids, Wurlitzer began manufacturing portable electric pianos. Portable Final tube amp model, with parallel physical changes to B's usually short dampers and moved control knobs. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The next battery-powered model is the B, download chanyeol dating much later. Speaker is much smaller than in A.

Tube amp version of above. It may be lost information. These might be aftermarket modules.

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Band organ Orchestrion Nickelodeon Pipe organ Theatre organ. Are there actually A's without this feature? Any reason that I should hold on to it.

Milner pianos were built in Cincinnati at a time consistent with Wurlitzer's presence there. But only the no B is mentioned, rarely, in Wurlitzer literature. Records indicate Wurlitzer sold player piano mechanisms to other manufacturers who installed Wurlitzer components in their own pianos and sold them under other brand names.

It has no speakers and no tremolo. No speakers in upper section. As crowds grew and mechanical rides began to appear, there was a need for louder music. Many of these instruments were built for use in concert halls, elite hotels, and fine restaurants where their volume and powerful presence was needed.

By the s other companies dominated the jukebox market. In the s Wurlitzer ventured into new instrument markets. Reported by an ebay seller.

Does anyone know what year this piano was built and how much it is worth? For the Boston, Massachusetts-based musical instrument retailer, see E. Square legs, usually tapered. The pedal attachment is improved from the There is an adjustable tension screw with a spring, which changes the damper-lift properties in relation to pedal-depth. Seems to be exceedingly rare.

Company History

  • There is no vibrato in this or any prior model.
  • Reed screws are under damper action and hard to access true of all s models.
  • Messages left on this page get lost in the shuffle.
  • Wurlitzer, starting around until circa produced nickelodeon pianos, or coin pianos, which are electrically operated player pianos that take coins to operate, like a jukebox.
  • See B below for discussion of series amps.

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By October, i kissed dating maybe earlier. Pull-out tray and storage area. Notes will not hold pitch or sustain correctly unless screws and washers are replaced. According to bluebookofpianos.

County and could drop it off. In the Victorian era pianos were viewed as a universal symbol of culture, breeding and refinement. Condition is the key to the value.

What is the value of a Wurlitzer Piano with the serial number 1649973

Playing the notes triggers switches under the action. From February to December Marvin E. Portable Tube amp version of above. Wurlitzer became the sole distributor of guitars made by the Holman-Woodell Company of Neodesha, service dating Kansas.

Wurlitzer Pianos

Has all the parts including floor pedal and plug. Some reports suggest early B's had same reed screw problem. Tube amp version of A, with reed changes and reed screw problems as above. Plain piano in every aspect. Extremely rare, perhaps a prototype or the model placed in test markets.

The Date of your Wurlitzer Electric Piano DocWurly
Wurlitzer Piano Prices and Value

Late ones have a chrome rear logo. Two pairs of larger speakers, one facing back for audience and one facing forward. Professional Portable A German variation on a with different electronics and slightly different speaker dimensions and brackets. Presumably has electronic soft pedal.

They may have nice molding on the side of the piano with carved pieces at the top of the molding. Damper arms are long, covering reed screws, which is still an inconvenience. The last coat was hand-rubbed and finally hand-polished.

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  1. In addition to manufacturing band organs, Wurlitzer also converted band organs made by other companies to their roll scales.
  2. Based on testimony of repair people, the very earliest B's may be indistinguishable from A's.
  3. But there was a serious, correctable flaw, which must be addressed in any decent servicing.

These seem to correspond to sets. Sides of piano are flat, edges are square. Instead of the tremolo knob it has a headphone volume knob.

Look to the right or to the left. This machine has a reiterating piano with mandolin attachment along with an accompanying piano. All Pratt-Read Wurly actions in this, the prior A, and the are notably different in feel from earlier and later Wurlitzers.

There are now two speakers. It involved hundreds of creative and editorial choices. Does anyone have any idea of how many of each model were produced over the years? An indispensable resource to buyers and owners of pianos, amateur and professional pianists alike. Yes, it certainly is worth restoring.

The Wurlitzer piano and organ brands and U. The fairground organ was developed. What is the value of wurlitzer piano serial?

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