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But ink stamps giving model and or weight appear to have been an Avedis Zildjian innovation which was around from the beginning. The Hazelshould vintage cymbal and drum museum. This is one of the first stamps. Pitfall systems are believed by scholars to have been used beginning in the late Mesolithic ca.

Date Your Vintage Zildjian K Cymbals Steve Black s Zildjian Stamp Timeline

In order to distinguish the no three dots Large from the no dots s stamp use the the vertical alignment criterion. For examples of Trans Stamp hammering, go to the hammering page. One is the partially missing bottom of the T of Turkish, and the other is the specific form of the cross bar indicated in the illustration. Of course, dating services it is easier just to use the presence of the three dots to tell.

Avedis Zildjian Gallery

The top of the Ottoman is missing on all examples of this stamp I've seen so far. There is a second style of Zilco stamp which looks like this. We're still investigating whether the two different stamp dies were used in different years, or whether they overlap in time. How to tell a s Cymbal from a s Cymbal There are several features which allow us to tell these cymbals apart from the trademark stamp as well as from the hammering and lathing styles. Zildjians from Turkey and A.

A Zildjian Stamp Timeline

But those changes are later in the series s onwards. Responses are currently closed, but you can trackback from your own site. We'll come back to that in a decade or so. But whatever you have to do, single parent dating there will be a paste in there somewhere. They brought a few cymbalsmiths from Istanbul to Canada following the shutdown of the Turkish foundry.

First Stamp ss Paper-Thin A. Reindeer Hunting Techniques Reindeer live in cold climates, and they feed mostly on grass and lichen. The pre Trans Stamps also show very obvious hammer blows.

Separate multiple addresses with commas. What you do is go to the Year by Year Timeline and click on the link to the picture you want. Although the other timelines out there are pretty good, no one's using stats the way Steve is.

A. Zildjian Cymbal Stamp Timeline

But beware, despite the name Small Stamp they aren't the smallest ones. This can be hard to tell but is more obvious on vintage or boutique cymbals. The true outline font of the Large Stamp Hollow Block is much cleaner and the surface of the cymbal isn't pressed in at all in the hollow portion of the lettering. However, there are a couple of other differences between the s small stamp and the s stamp which make the difference clear given a decent photo. Forums are full of drummers who know more than you, just take it with a grain of salt and do your homework.

These ones aren't vintage Zildjian but I'm including them to make a point. Stamp I used a smaller font which was shorter than the star and moon. You need a decent photo in order to see the difference but I've found that once I got my eye trained up using my reference collection I can use it reliably.

Given the size of the cymbal versus the trademark it is clearly drawn on by a graphic artist. We are still working to find out whether the difference between these two stamps might represent manufacturing era, different markets, or something else. And there are also some stamps which say Made in Canada. Which would mean that any stamp with Istanbul is presumed or later. We don't know if the trademark was really unchanged in all this time or if the catalogs just kept reusing the same artwork.

  1. This picture was send to me by email from a fellow Zildjian afficionado.
  2. An example of the painted model and the manufacturer stamp.
  3. The years shown are based on when they appear in Drum Company catalogs, although there were other sales channels so the catalogs don't give the whole story.
  4. From this period on the interest in the die stamps seems to have waned.
  5. There are cymbals which are hammered and lathed in the style in use around the last days of hand hammering for shape, or the early days of developing the Quincy Drop Hammer.
  6. Bud Stein's cymbal weight calculator.

For examples of hammering on these Small Stamp cymbals go to the hammering page. Also a good example of how hand-hammering looks on different finishes. So provided that bottom line is well struck this is easy to check.

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The Constantinople form hasn't appeared in a Drum Catalog or ad so far. Social differences between reindeer populations show that domestic reindeer have an earlier breeding season, dating before divorce is final are smaller and have a less-strong urge to migrate than their wild relatives. Note that to put a link into a forum post you must use whatever mechanism the forum has for inserting a link.

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It says Avedis Zildjian possibly with Co at the end. Another resource for vintage Zildjian cymbal pictures. Pre Trans stamps till the later s The Pre Trans stamps are the earliest of the Avedis Zildjian trademark stamps. The hand hammering and the varying thicknesses also mean that each cymbal is highly individual, consider it like speaking with an accent. If you don't know what cymbal you have, check out my videos to help you narrow it down by look and sound.

Laser Engraving

And why are these attributes still not widely known? All later Avedis Zildjian stamps have dot dot dash dash at the bottom of the Ottoman section, so this is one way to tell you are looking at a Pre Trans Stamp cymbal. This is Exhibit H in Bill's original article.

First Stamp (1929-1939)

Cymbal Stamp Timelines

Fortunately you don't need to measure the height that accurately just to tell different stamps apart. If you go bak to the very first photo in the s section that's the only flaw present in that particular pressing. The hammering and other production clues tell you when the cymbal was made. One of the best perks of my job is the people I meet and connect with on a day to day basis. This is just on the top side of the cymbal.

How to tell the age of a Vintage Zildjian

If you are pricing to sell, basically the cymbal is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. This extended as in extended down through to the bottom version is also useful to tell other stamps apart. Some but not all Trans Stamps show very obvious hammer blows on both the top and the bottom. You can see this particularly in the A which is the letter they have in common. This hammering looks more like Trans Stamp hammering although there are a some cymbals with this degree of hammering which have Large Stamps or Small Stamps on them.

So, it is difficult to exactly determine the period that certain stamps were used. The A form has the top portion of the Ottoman section missing, in the B form it is all there. The Zildjian Family of Turkey represents the longest running cymbal-producing lineage outside of China. In Trans Stamps and pre Trans Stamps it can't fit.

Stamps on Vintage Zildjian Cymbals allow them to be dated
Middle First Stamp (Mid 1930s )

First here are examples of each with a ruler. It all seems to add up to a whole lot of dunno! Trans Stamp ss This is the second type Zildjian stamp, also known as the Transition stamp. Yes, this is like Turkish made K Zildjian cymbals. For examples of hammering on these s cymbals go to the hammering page.

Old Stamp I (1930s-1945)
  • Another characteristic of Trans Stamps which distinguishes them from later stamps is that they say U S A no dots rather than U.
  • It might not be totally complete but it's a good starting point if you're totally lost in drum forums full of drum nerd talk.
  • Cymbals are engraved with a trademark by the maker.
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